Fined Salon Owner Believes Bullying Tactic Was Used To Scare Her Into Closing

Fined Salon Owner Believes Bullying Tactic Was Used To Scare Her Into Closing
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A salon owner who reopened her business early has not only been hit with a huge fine but believes the government used bullying tactics to frighten her into reclosing the business.

May 5, Lindsey Graham reopens Glamor Salon in Salem, Oregon, despite the states stay-at-home executive order.

May 7, on the third day of being open, Graham’s house is visited by an officer from the Child Protection Services (CPS). Someone had allegedly filed a child-endangerment claim against them.

Both Graham and her attorney believe the timing of the salon’s reopening and the CPS visit is too coincidental to be anything but the government sending a message.

On May 15, it was reported that Lindsey Graham had received a $14,000 fine.

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Bullying Tactic

It was during an interview with radio host Todd Starnes that the bullying tactic was mentioned. Salon owner Lindsey Graham said that the CPS officer asked her nanny during the first visit on May 7 many questions, so many that the nanny decided to stop answering.

During the interview, Graham continued: “The CPS worker came back and he questioned my husband and I in separate rooms and he proceeded to question my 6-year-old son in his bedroom, privately. And I asked three different times if I could be present and he refused. So I do not know what he said to my child; I do not know what he asked my child and the whole experience was devastating for myself at least.”

It was at this point Todd Starnes posed the question whether it could have been the government sending her a message?

Graham, at this point said both herself and her attorney believed it was.

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Why She Reopened?

During an interview with KPTV, Lindsey Graham said: “At this point, I’m deciding that it’s more important for me to feed my family and pay the bills that are going to keep our home and our family alive than take the risk to remain being shut down for an undisclosed amount of time.”

This is the reality facing many American business owners. Break the rules or watch your family starve and everything you’ve worked for crumble. It’s an impossible decision, one that Governor’s issuing executive orders don’t seem to understand when enforcing rules.

A spokeswoman for Oregon’s Occupational and Health Administration wrote in an email to CNN the penalty of $14,000 reflects the violation.

We’ll have to wait and see if Oregon comes to her rescue, like Texas did in a similar case.

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