JULY 4TH: COVID-19 Strike Force Set Up To Stop Businesses

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Welcome to the new United States, a place where elected Governors can create a COVID-19 strike force to stop citizens earning a living, while simultaneously supporting riots, looting, arson, et al.

THE HEADLINE: California Governor Gavin Newsom, who according to Bill Melugin, the investigative reporter for Fox LA is putting together a COVID-19 strike force to tackle unruly business owners that defy lockdown rules.

Melugin wrote: “Governor Newsom says he’s putting together an enforcement “strike team” of 7 agencies to enforce COVID-19 health order closures at businesses in affected counties, including LA & OC. Includes CHP, ABC, CalOSHA, Dept of Business Oversight, Dept. of Consumer Affairs.”

That’s right, business reopenings are the reason COVID-19 is spiking in certain counties. It has nothing to do with the massively supported protests.

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The COVID-19 Strike Force

It’s understandable that Newsom wants Californians to be safe. What’s not understandable is the hypocrisy. It shouldn’t be possible for a Governor to support massive protests, where people aren’t social distancing during a pandemic, and then target businesses with a COVID-19 strike force.

Throw in Newsom’s line: “COVID-19 does not take 4th of July off. Avoid crowds. Do not gather with people you do not live with,” and the hypocrisy is taken to a whole new level.

Does Newsom believe COVID-19 can differentiate between a Black Lives Matter protest and a beach?

Yet, this is an election year, so anything is possible.

The only other facts we know about the COVID-19 strike force are that it will target businesses who aggressively ignore Newsom’s executive orders and that it’ll favor “education and awareness” punishments.

Many people are questioning Newsom’s actions:

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What The Data Says

In his statement, Newsom said: “We will crush this pandemic. We will annihilate it. We’ll get past this, but we’re going to have to be tougher.”

Perhaps if Newsom and Co. had been tougher on the protests because of their concern for COVID-19 we’d now know the cause of these spikes.

Instead, no one knows if the new COVID-19 cases across America are because of the protests or the country’s attempt to reopen. All we know is that COVID-19 numbers are again on the rise, and because of it, businesses are the ones who’ll suffer.

According to the CDC on May 25, when George Floyd was killed there was 24,953 new COVID-19 cases. As of June 30, that number had almost doubled to 43,644.

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