Election 2020: The Polls They Don’t Want You To See

Election 2020: The Polls They Don't Want You To See
Credit: White House YouTube Screen Grab

The mainstream media continue to push election 2020 polls that show President Donald Trump behind Joe Biden. Yet, according to YouGov and Rasmussen, the latest polls look far more favorable for the Republican leader.

According to Rasmussen Reports, the President’s approval rating is at 51-percent. Compared to former-President Obama, at the same stage of his presidency, he only had a 44-percent approval rating.

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The Election 2020 Polls

This approval rating surge also shows an extraordinary difference in enthusiasm between both election 2020 candidates.

election 2020 President Trump enthusiasm
Credit: YouGov Poll Results

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Poll Numbers

The approval poll from Rasmussen shows the following:

  • 51-percent of potential U.S. voters approve of President Trump’s job performance and 47-percent disapprove.
  • 40-percent of potential U.S. voters strongly approve of the job President Trump is doing and 41-percent strongly disapprove.

The enthusiasm poll from YouGov shows the following:

  • When asked, 40-percent of Joe Biden’s supporters were enthusiastic about their candidate.
  • 68-percent of President Trump’s supporters were enthusiastic about the President.
  • When asked, 53-percent of Biden’s supporters said they were very or extremely enthusiastic to vote for their candidate in the 2020 election.
  • 76-percent of President Trump supporters said they were very or extremely enthusiastic to vote for the President in November.

Whether you trust polls or not, the continued enthusiasm for President Trump is a sign the mainstream media narrative isn’t strengthening Joe Biden’s campaign.

However, one person on Twitter pointed out: “Enthusiasm matters a lot more when people have to actually go out and vote. Dead people mailing in ballots don’t need enthusiasm.”

Consider our excitement about these polls now dampened.

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