WATCH: Epic “American Comeback” Campaign Ad From President Trump

Epic Comeback Trailer From President Trump
Credit: Screengrab / YouTube

President Trump and his team have put out probably the most epic election trailer ever.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Republican or Democrat, this trailer will motivate. It’s one-minute of pure patriotism that even at this time of lockdown depression and rage, it leaves you feeling hopeful.

From epic military flyovers to heroic health workers on the front line, the trailer has more in common with an Hollywood blockbuster than a political message. Check it out below now.

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Thank You President Trump

The election ad begins with the moves President Trump made to help the nation face the COVID-19 pandemic, and the opposition he faced throughout the process. Including Nancy Pelosi tearing up his State of the Union speech and Joe Biden calling out cancelling travel from China as xenophobic.

The trailer then shows how America had the greatest economy the world had ever seen and gives the vow that it would be rebuilt. The sequence includes comments from Governors Anthony Cuomo and Gavin Newsom, both praising what the administration had done during the crisis.

Throughout the trailer it showcases front line workers smiling, waving, wearing masks, and holding little ‘Thank You President Trump’ notes. All the time the President’s voice speaks about working together to make America great again.

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A Different Type Of Election

It’s clearly the first blockbuster move in what will be a long and unusual election campaign. One where events will have to be behind closed doors, so expect lots of trailers and web-conferences going forwards.

President Trump’s trailer wasn’t shade-free. It took aim at Pelosi and Biden but the key message was uplifting. It’s inevitable Biden will deliver a trailer to counter this but it will undoubtedly be fear-mongering because that is the stance of the Democrats right now. They’re pushing the lockdown, they’re pushing the severity of COVID-19, and they’re standing in the way of investigations into the COVID-19 origin.

It’s inspiring that President Trump can look forwards and say what comes next will be the greatest comeback story ever.

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