Jill Biden Mistakenly Introduces Kamala Harris as President: ‘I Just Said That to Make You Laugh’

First Lady Jill Biden stumbled during her introduction of Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday, calling her the “president” before correcting herself.

The First Lady spoke about Harris in glowing terms as she opened a Black History event at the White House.

“As many of you know, our vice president’s historic path to the White House began before she could even walk,” Jill Biden said, pointing to Harris’ family history of marching for civil rights when she was young.

“She is a partner to Joe, especially on issues like voting rights, and is proud to be the first but not the last,” she said, referring to Harris making history by being the first black woman as vice president.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the president…” She began before pausing and trying to correct herself.

As the crowd burst into laughter, Jill Biden said sheepishly, “I just said that to make you laugh,” before introducing the vice president correctly.

Harris did not directly address the awkward moment after taking the stage.

“Thank you, Dr. Biden,” she said before saying how nice it was to be at the White House “with our incredible President Joe Biden” and her own husband, the first “second gentleman” of the United States.