Kamala Harris Hires Former Speechwriter for John Kerry to Improve Image

Vice President Kamala Harris has hired a new speechwriter who formerly worked for climate envoy John Kerry.

Harris has commissioned Dave Cavell as her new speechwriter, according to a report for Politico.

Embarrassing moments for Harris have led to the vice president chewing through two previous speech writers in just three years.

Her first speechwriter Kate Childs Graham left in February and and her second speechwriter left in the Summer after working for the vice president for less than four months.

Harris has suffered high turnover rates in her less than two years in office.

Staffers began exiting Harris’ office in December with the departure of communications director Ashley Etienne and press secretary Symone Sanders.

Press operations director Peter Velz also exited in January as well as her deputy director of public engagement Vincent Evans.

Harris’ chief of staff, Tina Flournoy headed for the exit in the Spring as well as deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh.

Domestic policy adviser Rohini Kosoglu left in August.

A Politico report last year revealed the dysfunction in Harris’ office, as anonymous sources revealed an “abusive environment” behind the scenes.

“It’s not a place where people feel supported but a place where people feel treated like s—,” one staffer explained.