Kenosha Shooting: Paralyzed, Death To America, And Real Hope

Kenosha Shooting: Paralyzed, Death To America, And Real Hope
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Tuesday, August 25, 2020, and Day Three of anarchy, post-Jacob Blake’s Kenosha shooting.

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  • The Blake family lawyer revealed the seriousness of Mr. Blake’s condition.
  • A Democrat Mayor is given executive powers and uses them wisely for a change.
  • Defund the police has evolved into flag burning and death to America.
  • A young man from Kenosha shows there is hope for the future during an interview.

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Mr. Blake’s Critical Condition

The Blake family lawyer updated reporters on Mr. Blake’s condition. Currently, he is paralyzed, with damaged kidneys, liver, stomach, colon, and small intestines. Mr. Blake was also shot in the arm.

Protecting Kenosha

Mayor, Mr. John Antaramian (Democrat) was granted emergency powers on Tuesday after the Kenosha shooting riots continued through Monday.

With those powers, the Mayor:

  • Ordered fencing around the courthouse. Which after events in Portland, Oregon, where anarchists continuously attempted to set the courthouse ablaze while people were inside, makes sense.
  • Called in the Wisconsin National Guard, who are currently stationed around the County Courthouse.

Two actions that prove at least one elected Democrat isn’t ignorant of events around the country.

Defund Is Not Enough

The misguided chant of “Defund the Police” has evolved. The Kenosha shooting seems to have pushed the madness over the edge.

They’re now chanting “Kill the Police.”

Worst still, people are burning the U.S. flag and shouting “Death to America.” Surely, that is a hate crime?

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Post-Kenosha Shooting Hope

With all the anarchy and chaos it’s easy to believe there is little hope for the future. And then you see an interview like the one below.

Matthew Stuart, a 15-year-old from Kenosha delivered an intelligent and considerate moment amongst the madness.

When asked why he is out helping he said, “It’s kind of hard to sit at home and watch everyone helping when you can just walk outside and help yourself.”

Now that’s making America great again.

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