Law-Abiding Citizens Get New Lockdown Restrictions

Law-Abiding Citizens Get New Lockdown Restrictions
Credit: Hongao Xu / Wikimedia Commons

Washington State, as of today will put into action a new set of lockdown restrictions impacting law-abiding citizens, with no mention of protesters.

The headlines from these new rules are:

  • Weddings and funerals limited to 20-percent capacity. Which means a maximum of 30 people.
  • No receptions for weddings.
  • Restaurants limited to 50-percent capacity.
  • Groups of people at a table in a restaurant is capped at five and must all be from the same family. No friends.
  • Bars can only serve outdoor service. Indoor service is prohibited.
  • Gyms are limited to 25-percent.

So, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee is re-pushing rules that say a wedding or funeral of more than 30 people is a risk, but a protest is fine?

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Lockdown Restrictions Only For Law-Abiding Citizens

We know the Governor supported the protests during lockdown because he said so in a speech, May 30.

He said: “I fully support the right to free speech and peaceful assembly. I applaud every Washingtonian standing for what they believe in.”

He continued: “If you choose to protest today, please be safe and peaceful.”

That was said while the United States was locked down. There was no mention of social distancing, masks, etc.

Clearly, Gov. Inslee has one rule for law-abiding citizens, willing to follow lockdown rules, and another for protesters.

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Fear Stops The Spread

The only medical report to say protests do not spread COVID-19 also highlighted that it was the fear of violence which lowered the spread.

People literally kept away, so protesters, who are mostly young, just spread it between themselves.

So Gov. Inslee cannot even point to medical experts in his decision to again restrict citizens.

At this point in time, it just seems like certain governors are testing how much dictatorial control they have, and can get away with before law-abiding citizens snap.

And yet the media would have you believe President Trump was the crazy dictator.

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