MEDIA SILENCE: NBC News Crew Gets Accosted, Yet Doesn’t Report On It

NBC News Crew Gets Accosted And Doesn't Report On It
Credit: Screen Grab / Twitter / Daily Caller

NBC News decided to switch their feeds as one of their crews got accosted by protesters during a live stream. Clearly, it would have been inconvenient to the mainstream media’s narrative to show the truth.

During the early hours of Wednesday, a group of protesters in Washington, D.C. accosted a news crew and chased them back to a police line. One camera operator either fell or was pushed during the events.

The live feed NBC News was showing was switched just as the camera was getting erratic. Fortunately, a Daily Caller reporter was on scene to record what happened.

What does not make sense is why NBC News cut away and later made no comment regarding what had happened. During the footage taken by the Daily Caller (below), some of the people still protesting five hours after curfew protected the crew members and even helped the camera operator up.

It seems like there can be no negative coverage at all.

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NBC News Silence And Lies

According to the Daily Caller reporter, the incident occurred because the protesters got angry about being recorded. The reporter wrote: “I asked what happened and one of the crew told me they were just filming, protesters got mad about being filmed and the situation escalated.”

When NBC News went back to Washington, D.C. to continue reporting, their anchor Chris Hayes said: “Let’s just see, we have a shot there right now, this is the enormous sort of barrier fence that’s been erected on the other side of the park to keep protesters outside of the park, away from the White House.”

He continued: “About a hundred yards back from there is the National Guard, you can see them there, lined up in their riot shields. Some moments ago there were people shaking the fence, yelling through the fence, it appears some tear gas was fired at the protesters, people have regrouped now and you see a line of people still there, still with their hands up against the fence.”

No mention of the protesters accosting the news crew. Plus, the Daily Caller reporter filmed the alleged tear gas incident.

Clearly it wasn’t tear gas.

The Daily Caller reporter added: “NBC not addressing an assault on its own crew is insane to me. It’s almost like they don’t want to admit that, perhaps, *some* (not all) of the protesters are instigating violence…”

NBC was given time to reply, with the Daily Caller saying: “We gave the networks a chance to respond and dispute the findings. NBC declined to comment on the incident.”

It’s not surprising they didn’t respond. NBC banned the word “riot” from its Minnesota coverage. MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin wrote on Twitter: “While the situation on the ground in Minneapolis is fluid, and there has been violence, it is most accurate at this time to describe what is happening there as ‘protests’–not riots.”

It’s almost as bad as the Pulitzer Prize-Winning author saying that destroying property shouldn’t be called violence.

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