Fear Of COVID-19 Crime Is Making New Yorkers Want Guns

Fear Of COVID-19 Crime Is Making New Yorkers Want Guns
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From thousands of sick cops to released criminals and people running out of money. There’s a fear taking over the Big Apple, New Yorkers want guns because experts are predicting a COVID-19 crime wave.

It’s not just New York, more and more people are seeking guns. The instance, FBI reported that March 2020 was a record-breaking month for firearm checks.

The issue is that New Yorkers want guns, but they cannot get them because gun stores are closed despite the Department of Homeland Security saying they should be considered an essential business.

Plus, even if gun stores were open, the New York Police Department has closed its firearm licensing office. Simply put, New Yorkers no longer have their Second Amendment.

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New Yorkers Want Guns

One New Yorker who wants a gun is Nicole Rosario, 35. A stay-at-home mother who posted her frustrations up on Facebook: “It’s my constitutional right but that doesn’t seem to matter. I live in New York which means it’s impossible. That’s crazy and unfair.”

With gun stores and firearm licenses unavailable, other self-defense options have become very much in-demand. Including pepper spray, that is legally available from pharmacies. However, even that is running out in the city.

Not even physical self-defense classes are possible because of the social distancing and isolation rules.

What’s left is online courses. Cassie Kramer, 46, who does a SMASH self-defense class said: “I’ve been living in the East Village and other occasionally tough neighborhoods for a long time but for the first time, I’m going outside and I get a bad tingling feeling. The streets are empty and it doesn’t feel right. I know there aren’t a lot of cops out and it’s just a reality that people could get very desperate.”

One possible reason New Yorkers might be afraid is because of the 1,500 inmates released from jails over a three-week period. Each of whom has been released early because of COVID-19. That number includes 329 inmates who were classed as violent felony detainees.

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Every New Yorker For Themselves

It’s far beyond people just feeling scared. Even experts are saying there’s potential for a crime crisis.

Curtis Sliwa, who founded the Guardian Angels during the Son of Sam rampage (1977) said: “It’s going to be every man for himself again.”

He continued: “The wealthy see the plywood going up on the Madison Avenue shops and think riots but even if the criminals come to Park Avenue, rich people will buy themselves protection. It’s Park Avenue in Brooklyn we should worry about it. The thugs feel the fear out there. They see cops aren’t getting out of their squad cars. That’s when bad stuff happens.”

The NYPD reported that crime had fallen during the lockdown but that might be the calm before the storm according to Bernie Kerik, the police commissioner during the 9/11 attacks. He said: “If this shutdown continues through May, it’ll drive people into poverty. Many won’t qualify for government programs or unemployment. These people have to feed their families. Meanwhile, the criminals are emboldened.”

He’s not the only one who thinks things could get worse. Former private investigator Bo Dietl said: “Angry people are dangerous people. We’re getting a lot of calls from rich people who want extra security, People without money are going to resent the 1 percent who got tested or who got medical care.”

For the sake of New York citizens, it’s time to give people the opportunity to defend themselves. After all, it is part of the constitution.

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