WATCH: Obama’s Political Eulogy Shows Democrat Hypocrisy

Obama's Political Eulogy Shows Democrat Hypocrisy
Credit: CBS News Screen Grab

July 30: At the funeral of Democrat John Lewis, former-President Obama’s twisted political eulogy shocked even us.

It would have been a touching sign of respect and decency. However, the eulogy wasn’t exactly one of sorrow.

At a time when we thought Democrats couldn’t sink lower than labeling domestic terrorists as “peaceful protesters,” former-President Obama delivered a cringe-worthy political eulogy that was undeniably part of a 2020 election campaign message.

Listen to the clip below and make up your own mind.

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Takeaways From Obama’s Political Eulogy

Three things stood out about the clip.

  • Former-President Obama has no shame. Talking about mail-in ballots, voting, and targeting minorities during a eulogy is twisted.
  • A telltale sign this was not a eulogy… People were clapping former-President Obama. What’s just as bad is that CBS News and Co. seemed to happily share the political campaigning aspects of the eulogy rather than the moments focused on the life of Democrat John Lewis. It was “almost” like they were picking political messages to promote.
  • We must have missed the memo that says “we can all go back to church, attend weddings, and funerals” because there’s no social-distancing in the above footage. In all honesty, with how packed that church is, we say if that’s safe, re-opening bars, restaurants, casinos, et al, is fine too.

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Democrat Hypocrisy

We checked, and Democrat funerals being used for political gain is not one of the situations exempt from coronavirus lockdown rules.

Simply put, if citizens are not allowed to attend funerals, weddings, or indoor gatherings, without social distancing and limitations, how is the above acceptable?

Not only does the video show that former-President Obama will do anything for votes, including a twisted political eulogy, but it also shows the Democrats lockdown hypocrisy.

And we’re not alone in seeing it.

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