Only 26 Percent Say Biden Has ‘Done a Good Job’ Shutting Down Coronavirus

Only 26 percent of voters say President Biden has “done a good job” shutting down the pandemic, a CNBC poll found Tuesday.

As Biden promised more than ten times to shut down the virus during his 2020 bid for the presidency, just 26 percent of voters believe Biden has successfully done so.dtd=20

On Tuesday, the United States topped one million coronavirus infections in 24 hours, “doubling the figure from just four days ago and setting a global record,” Bloomberg reported.

The poll also revealed a majority of voters (50 percent) believe Biden has “gone too far” with coronavirus mandates.

Twenty-four percent claimed the mandates should go even further.

Throughout Biden’s first year in office, the president has backtracked on promises to “shut the virus down” and to not place vaccine mandates on American citizens.

But with the delta and omicron variants wreaking havoc on Biden’s promise to tamp down the pandemic, Biden placed vaccine mandates on federal workers and workers for companies with over 100 employees.

Biden acknowledged in December there is no federal solution to coronavirus, though Biden is reportedly weighing whether to force all interstate travelers to become vaccinated.

Biden said he will make the interstate vaccine decision based on medical experts’ recommendations. Dr. Anthony Fauci has yet to give his full support to the measure.