WATCH: Protesters Do The Stupidest Things – Friction 101

Protesters Do The Stupidest Things
Credit: Twitter Screen Grab

The lesson in today’s “protesters do the stupidest things” class is Friction 101. What happens if a police cruiser accelerates while an idiot is on its roof?

The answer. They get thrown off like a rag doll.

While we never condone violence. Stupid decisions, deserve stupid prizes, and it seems many of these protesters like to win big. So big, that we’re sure their parents and teachers are super-proud.

Without further a-do, here’s today’s lesson.

Four words come to mind.

  1. Ouch.
  2. Nice song choice.

The Post Master General Prison Mitch makes a good point, music does make everything better. Except for the obvious concussion, bruises, grazes, and life-long fear of falling this 5-star moron wins for such an act of stupidity.

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Bonus Idiot Hitting The Deck

We actually got two for the price of one, in terms of idiots in this event. Check out this alternative angle for a lesson on gravity.

What goes up, must go down. Or in this case, what’s attacking a police cruiser will end up looking like an idiot on the ground.

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Social Media Reaction

What continues to baffle everyone not protesting in the middle of a road, is how they are so confused and outraged by the outcome of their actions.

One Twitter user wrote: “It’s funny, they want to hit a car and snag their windows, yet when the car runs through them they cry for help and get angry.”

Another wrote: “I was taught NOT to play in the street…because you know, vehicles will always win.”

That’s a good question. Did no one teach them that playing in roads is dangerous?

And our personal favorite:

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