WATCH: Protesters Learn Not To Block Roads With Motorcycles

WATCH: Protesters Learn Not To Block Roads With Motorcycles
Credit: Screen Grab / Twitter Video

August 05, 2020: Protesters learn an invaluable lesson while schools out. Small items don’t work well when blocking traffic.

What happened: Portland protesters (who else?) gathered on the streets, attempting to block traffic and more.

During the video, they manage to slow a truck with a motorcyclist swerving hazardously in front of it. The motorcyclist then dumps their vehicle in front of the truck as other protesters start attacking.

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What Leftist See When They Watch The Video

Clearly this is a peaceful protest. With motorcyclists deliberately stopping vehicles so that other peaceful protesters can “gently stroke the truck” with whatever foam covered “toys” they are wielding.

Or that’s what Democrats and the mainstream media will tell you.

What the video shows: The protesters learn that if you stop and attack a vehicle, whatever you put in front of it won’t stop it from accelerating away if the driver is fearful for their and their passenger’s lives.

The exception: If the driver has a gun or mad combat skills.

Watch the video below and watch the sparks fly:

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Protesters Learn And Add More Roadblocks

Anyone still saying these are peaceful protests, for George Floyd, for police brutality, or for racial inequity, is a useful idiot.

The video shows an attack and the following images show people reacting to how their plan failed.

The above proves criminal intent.

They want to stop drivers. They want to cause damage, and possibly even attack drivers.

Yet, leftists are only concerned by federal officers using force to stop these criminals.

At some point, the left needs to wake up and realize this is domestic terrorism and those involved should be dealt with as such.

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