Bush 41, Bush 43 Staying Out of 2016 — Will ‘Stay Silent’

May 5, 2016

President George H.W. Bush and his son, President George W. Bush, aren’t planning to weigh in on the 2016 election, according to the Texas Tribune.


“For the first time since his own presidency, George H.W. Bush is planning to stay silent in the race for the Oval Office — and the younger former president Bush plans to stay silent as well,” reports Jordan Rudner of the Texas Tribune. 


“At age 91, President Bush is retired from politics,” Bush’s spokesman Jim McGrath stated on Wednesday when asked if there would be any involvement in the race for the White House. “He came out of retirement to do a few things for Jeb, but those were the exceptions that proved the rule.”


President George W. Bush also said he “does not plan to participate in or comment on the presidential campaign,” said his personal aide, Freddy Ford.


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