Paul Nehlen: ‘Paul Ryan’s Elitism is Showing,’ ‘His Disdain and Disrespect for the American Electorate Is Breathtaking’

May 6, 2016


Asked about what Politico reported as Paul Ryan “ditching” presumptive GOP nomineeDonald Trump, “It was stunning,” Ryan’s primary challenger Paul Nehlen told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon.


“I couldn’t believe it,” continued Nehlen. “I don’t know where you get off…” pausing to read from, then direct listeners to a new Nehlen campaign press release on the subject, “Paul Ryan’s elitism is showing. He’s apparently decided that the American electoral process of a representative republic isn’t good enough. His disdain and disrespect for the American electorate is breathtaking.”

The release continues:


“It doesn’t matter whether Speaker Ryan approves of candidate Trump or not,” noted Nehlen. “It doesn’t matter whether any congressional leader approves of him. It matters even less if RNC leadership approves of him—including Paul Ryan. The fact is, the American people have spoken in state after state after state. They’ve made their choice. It is petulant, arrogant, disrespectful—and in many senses dangerous—to our representative system of government to tell people across this nation who took the time to cast a vote, ‘Sorry, I’m not cool with your choice.’ It is for the people to decide who they want to lead, not for one man or a cabal of party elites.”


Nehlen noted that Ryan’s stated reasons for not being ready to support Trump are also contradictory. “Paul Ryan has leveraged his growing PR machine hard in recent weeks to position himself as the great unifier. In one instance he even used the word ‘communify’—which begs a whole discussion in itself. Having now dubiously positioned himself as the only guy capable of unifying the American people, how is it that he now stands back to wait for Mr. Trump to unify the Republican Party? Guess Ryan’s unifier mojo isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be.


“Ryan’s stance is also incredibly hypocritical,” said Nehlen. “How many times has the Republican establishment insisted that the rest of us put up, shut up, and soldier forward with hand-picked establishment candidates because GOP leaders knew best? Now with the American electorate speaking clearly, the GOP tells the American people that their choice stinks, and they should pound sand? How are the American people supposed to respect Paul Ryan’s establishment GOP when Paul Ryan’s establishment GOP has zero respect for the American people?”

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