Obama Reassures The World As Donald Trump’s Popularity Grows

May 25, 2016

President Barack Obama reassures the world that the United States would survive the 2016 presidential election, in spite of the dynamic debate currently underway for his successor in office.


“Usually we end up doing OK, because the American people are good people,” Obama said, calling them “generous and decent and hardworking.”

Obama spoke about the elections during a town hall meeting in Vietnam, with Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative students.


But the president said American politics didn’t reflect the decency of the American people.


“Sometimes our politics doesn’t express all of the goodness of the people, but usually eventually the voters make good decisions and democracy works,” he said.


Obama made his remarks after a student asked him how he saw the world in five years — and it appeared that Donald Trump’s popularity was on the president’s mind.


“I’m optimistic that we’ll get through this period and one of the great things about the United States is that even when it makes mistakes, I think it’s able to adjust and recognize our mistakes and we’ll correct course and take different steps,” he said. “So things are going to be okay, I promise.”


Obama also previewed his won future after leaving office, telling the students he wanted to stay involved in developing and inspiring future leaders around the world.


“I’ll be doing all my organizing work and involved in the public policy issues, but I won’t be doing it through a formal way.” he said. “I’ll be a community organizer except a little more famous that I used to be.”


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