Obama Admits: I Don’t Like Using Donald Trump’s Name

June 2, 2016

President Barack Obama doesn’t like using Donald Trump’s name, he admitted during a town hall in Elkhart, Indiana hosted by PBS.


The president gave an entire speech earlier in the day, criticizing the Republican nominee without once using his name. During the town hall, it became clear that it was intentional after he referred to the New Yorker as “someone” who proposed building walls and deporting illegal immigrants.


“Why don’t you mention Donald Trump by name?” moderator Gwen Ifill asked.


“You know, he seems to do a good job mentioning his own name,” Obama replied. “I figure, you know, I’ll let him do his advertisement for him.”


Obama said Trump was a “colorful character” that was merely reflecting the right-wing myth of big government that was taxing the middle class and giving it to undeserving people.


“I think America’s pretty great,” Obama said, pointing out that he had been telling students during his commencement speeches that they were living in the greatest point in American history.


“America is the strongest country on earth, it’s economy is the most durable on earth,” he said.


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