Rapper Young Buck Calls for ‘Riot’: ‘Shoot Back at These Crooked A** Police’

July 8, 2016


Rapper Young Buck released a violent anthem Thursday calling for riots and the murder of police officers as five officers were shot and killed at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas late Thursday night.


The 35-year-old Nashville rapper, an affiliate of 50 Cent’s rap group G-Unit, took to Twitter late Thursday night to promote the release of his new song, titled “Riot.”

“Now let’s shoot back at these crooked a** police,” the rapper tweeted.


The song’s release comes in response to the police-involved shooting deaths of African-American men Alton Sterling and Philando Castile earlier this week. The violent, profanity-ridden track was released the same night that 11 police officers were shot and five were killed when a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas was ambushed by gunmen.

In the song, the rapper boasts that he could kill police officers even if he were blind:


I’m military minded I can kill a cop with this glock if I’m blinded
You aint got no heart motherf*cker, ‘better find it
Look at how they just killed Alton, then rewind it
We are not on that peace sh*t, my n*gga’s wilding’
F*ck your buckle cop I’m talking heat him up smiling.
We don’t turn the left cheek n*gga we with the violence
Potato on the barrel make the chopper stay silent

In the chorus of the anti-police anthem, Young Buck encourages cops be shot in the head while repeating the refrain, “Let’s start a motherf**king riot.”

Hit him in his head now everybody quiet
Let’s start a motherf*cking riot
Let’s start a motherf*cking riot
Load it pick it up then fire it
If you ain’t never did it let’s try it

“They heard you in Dallas Buck,” one Twitter user told the rapper.

“As they should,” the rapper boasted in response.

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