Sanders To Endorse Hillary Clinton Despite Platform Rejection On Obamatrade

July 11, 2016


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will officially endorse former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Tuesday at a campaign stop in New Hampshire, according to several reports.


Sanders had previously said that he would wait to endorse Clinton until critical planks of his platform were adopted by the Democrat Party.


Over the weekend DNC delegates rejected one of the biggest pieces of Bernie’s platform by not including language clearly opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal.

Sanders’ campaign policy adviser Warren Gunnels is quoted as saying of the rejection of the anti-TPP language in the official platform, “it was very disappointing.” Many Sanders’ supporters were much more expressive about the rejection.





An open letter to Sen. Sanders’ from one of his supporters has nearly 5,000 shares on Facebook. The letter makes it clear that even had Hillary put together a platform that included everything the Sanders’ people have been fighting for, Hillary can’t be trusted to follow through.


“There is no concession or promise Hillary Clinton could possibly make that we could trust. And there is nothing that you — that’s right, Bernie, even you — could say that could shake our resolve. I’ll say it once & I’ll say it for good —

we will not vote for her.”

Sanders told Bloomberg News that “he’ll do everything possible” to help elect Hillary and called presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump a “pathological liar.”


It’s a line of attack that the founder of Black Men for Bernie, Bruce Carter, rejected in a recent interview with Breitbart News.


“Trump does not scare me as much as Hillary Clinton does,” Carter says. “The Democratic Party is a joke!”


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