White House: Obama Committed To Smooth Transition Of Power — Even If Trump Elected President

August 4, 2016


President Barack Obama is committed to a smooth transition of power of the presidency, even if the winner is Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, White House officials say.


Some raised questions about Obama’s willingness to give up power, after he described Trump as “unfit” to serve as president.


But during today’s White House press conference, Press Secretary Josh Earnest asserted that Obama’s commitment to a smooth transition was “one of his top goals” for the final year of his presidency.


“I think what we’re planning for right now is a smooth transition, and that’s the responsible step that you would expect the commander-in-chief to undertake,” Earnest said.


He cited the welcome assistance that President George W. Bush offered Obama when he took office, something that Obama has praised about the former president.


“The president aspires to meet if not exceed that very high standard that was set by the Bush White House,” Earnest said.


According to the White House, Chief of staff Denis McDonough has already called both presidential campaigns, to prepare for one of them to assume office.

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