Roger Stone: With Just Weeks Before Early Voting Begins, ‘Trump Is Still in Range, This Is Still a Viable Candidate’

August 18, 2016


On Thursday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow, guest Roger Stone described one of the Trump campaign’s new leaders, pollster Kellyanne Conway, as a longtime friend, with “an excellent perspective on women voters, particularly.”


He also noted Conway was “the first woman campaign manager for a Republican president,” but the media does not seem even slightly interested in celebrating this historic “first.”


“And, of course, I’m very excited about the addition of our fellow revolutionary, Steve Bannon, because he has a unique understanding of the New Media – which, frankly, is something I think the Trump campaign has been lacking,” Stone continued. 


“Paul Manafort’s a superb organizer, and his goal was to be an adult, and bring order out of chaos, which he has done,” he said, referring to the previous head of the Trump campaign. “Today they have an operation, finally. They’re building things in the states. We lost many months, there’s no question about that, under the leadership of the previous regime.”


“The thing I like about Steve is, he thinks outside the box. He has not been afraid, or shied away, from some of the key issues regarding the Clintons, including corruption, including abuse of women. He’s been on the forefront of exposing the truth about both of them. And he keenly understands the New Media, and how to reach millennials,” Stone said. “This has been a piece that the campaign has been missing for some time.”


“Frankly, I’m psyched, and the level of hysteria on social media yesterday – attacking him, attacking me, attacking Paul Manafort, attacking Kellyanne, attacking Trump – was like nothing I’ve ever seen,” he declared. “When the Left can’t refute your arguments, they immediately fall back to name-calling. That’s their favorite thing. Just name-calling. It’s hysterical.”


Noting that smears of “anti-Semitism” against Breitbart News fly in the face of the large number of Jewish people working for the organization – not least its two founders, the late Andrew Breitbart and his partner Larry Solov – and the presence of the highly successful Breitbart Jerusalem section of the website, Marlow asked Stone if terms like “anti-Semitic” have been drained of all meaning by their use as all-purpose insults.

Stone called it “part and parcel of the David Brock – James Carville school of politics.”


“I’m sure you remember when James called the women sexually assaulted by Bill ‘trailer trash.’ who’s gonna believe them?” he recalled. “It’s class-based as well. The elites cannot refute our arguments, so they have to resort to name-calling. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad.”


His prognosis for the remainder of Trump’s presidential campaign began with acknowledging “the hard fact that early voting starts in just six weeks, in a couple of states, and then by October 12 it becomes a torrent, so the Trump campaign doesn’t have as much time as it might appear, to turn their situation around.” 


For example, he observed that in Florida, “more people will vote in early voting than will vote on Election Day.”

“The campaign has, really, two imperatives. It has to continue to galvanize its base. There are a few Republicans missing that we have to bring back. That’s not that difficult,” Stone said. “But then, frankly, we must make an incursion into their pile, into their vote – whether it is African Americans, or younger women, or union members who favored Bernie Sanders because they liked his positions on trade and war, which are closer to Donald’s positions than Hillary’s positions.”


“The whole notion that we can win with just our base is false,” he warned. “On the other hand, the whole notion that they can win with just their base is false. That’s the Obama strategy, by the way. So I’m very optimistic Trump is still in range, this is still a viable candidate. We did lose some time over the early summer, which is unfortunate. But at this point, I’m growingly optimistic that my friends Bannon and Conway, and Fabrizio, and Manafort, now form a highly capable team that can move things forward.”


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