Trump: ‘I Just Don’t Know’ If Clinton Physically Up For Debating

September 15, 2016


Thursday on Talk 1300 AM radio’s “Fred Dicker – Live from the State Capitol,”  Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said he “just don’t know” if his opponent Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is physically up to the task of debating.


Partial transcript as follows:


DICKER: There are people out there who are wondering if Hillary Clinton is really going to have the stamina to go to the debate on the 26th and the debates that are coming up and to match you with the energy that you appear to have. What’s your sense about whether or not she’s really going to be physically up to the task of going right up to Election Day?


TRUMP: Well, I just don’t know, but I can say for this, you need tremendous stamina. I mean, tremendous. I’m in three different states oftentimes. I’ll make three or four speeches in front of massive crowds. You know, if I have a crowd of 5,000 people, it’s considered a very small crowd. I’ve had 41,000, I had 35,000. We have crowds that makes Bernie crowds—Bernie Sanders was second, in all fairness but his crowds are a fraction of what we’re getting. You know there’s something out there that is amazing. You know it. It’s a movement. It’s been an amazing thing. People really want change and they want hope.


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