BREAKING – Rosie Goes After Trump’s 10-Year-Old Son, What She Said Is SICK

November 23, 2016


Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump don’t like each other and have been known to trade nasty insults. That’s fine, they are consenting adults. But, going after Trump’s young son, is way out of bounds and speaks to Rosie’s character – or lack there of.


O’Donnell’s now viral tweet asks if 10-year-old Barron Trump has autism. Her Liberal defenders seem to believe Rosie was attempting to show genuine compassion and concern and not attempting to embarrass and dehumanize a little boy – like many Americans have concluded after looking at her other tweets about Trump’s son.


The video linked to by Rosie O’Donnell tries to use simple and common actions in children which occurred as isolated incidents over time, to support the theory that Barron Trump is autistic. The mere fact anti-Trump folks have spent so much time closely studying the movement’s of his child is disturbing.



While on the stage with his dad after Hillary Clinton conceded the presidential race, Barron Trump was shown waving back and forth and blinking excessively. It was 2:30 in the morning!

The kid was tired and about to fall asleep on his feet folks. The same disgraceful video mocked how Barron was clapping his hands at the GOP nomination.

Once again, it was late at night and the boy was likely very tired. A clip of Barron Trump walking for about five seconds has also led some to think he has autism. Sure, that’s it. It couldn’t possibly have been a bored child loping along behind a group of grown ups. The possibility of sore feet or new and uncomfortable shoe was not factored into the equation.

Perhaps the most ludicrous parts of the entire video shared by Rosie O’Donnell are the segments when the creator tries to use Donald Trump’s comments during debates to prove Barron Trump is autistic. Saying his son is very good with computers does not make the boy autistic – is merely makes his the average tween who can work technology by than his parents.

Donald Trump is one millions of Americans who has concerns about a link between autism and vaccines. The Rosie O’Donnells of the world seem to think having such a mindset clearly indicates he is speaking from personal experience as a parent of an autistic child.

Melania Trump’s loving comments about her son were also used against the boy. The future First Lady said her son loves math and science and plays in the bedroom he enjoys keeping tidy and organized, for hours.

Ah, maturity, intelligence, and perhaps a bit of shyness, are all now characteristics of autism. If every introverted child with a penchant for STEM subjects is autistic, the number of children impacted by the heart breaking epidemic, just grew substantially.

Leave the kids out of it, Rosie. Whether or not Barron Trump is autistic should not be fodder for social media attacks by anti-Trump lunatics.

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