WaPo’s Capehart: The World Looks at North Korea as a ‘Crazy State,’ But We Won’t Talk About How ‘Unstable’ Trump Is

July 9, 2017

While filling in as the host for MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Saturday, Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart lamented that the world views North Korea and its leader Kim Jong-un as “crazy,” but does not talk about how “unpredictable and unstable” President Donald Trump is.


“[T]he world looks at Kim Jong-un and North Korea as like this crazy state and Kim Jong-un is the crazy leader that we all have to just pay attention to because he might do something bananas, but one thing we don’t talk about is the fact that here at home in the United States we have an unpredictable and unstable leader in that we have no idea what the president will do or not do at any given hour,” Capehart argued.



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