Pentagon Sources Confirm North Korea Nearly Has an H-Bomb

August 17, 2017


Rumors of war with North Korea are subsiding for now, but another serious threat is still growing.

CBN News has learned North Korea could be close to developing an even more powerful weapon than the nukes it has already built.


For now, dictator Kim Jong Un has taken a step back from the brink of war, after vowing revenge against the United States over U.N. sanctions against his country.

But the rogue regime may just be buying more time.


Pentagon sources confirm North Korea is anywhere from six to 18 months away from developing a hydrogen bomb.

"It isn't ludicrous to think that the North Koreans, even though their economy is one-third the size of Ethiopia, can do this," said Harry Kazianis who heads up the defense studies at The Center for National Interest. 

"If you put in enough money and starve your people you can build things like this," he said. 


Kazianis says Kim claimed to have tested an H-bomb last year, but most experts dismissed that, arguing the North might have had a more powerful atomic bomb.


An atomic bomb was the kind dropped on Japan at the end of the World War II. Experts say a hydrogen bomb uses nuclear fusion and can be far more powerful by a thousand times or more. 


For example, if an H-bomb strikes New York, the death toll could reach over 3.4 million.


Pentagon officials say hydrogen bombs are heavier than a standard atomic device, so Kim would potentially need a more advanced missile than what he has tested so far to carry a larger payload to hit the United States. 

Unfortunately, North Korea seems to be working on such a missile, known as the KN-08, a three stage missile, which some believe might be North Korea's next missile test.


Experts say we cannot continue to deny what North Korea's military machine can accomplish. If we pretend it can't happen, that's not only a bad idea, it's almost a guarantee it will happen.

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