Tim Stanley: For Trump to Avoid Impeachment ‘Build That Wall’

September 21, 2017

The latest twist in the investigation into links between the Trump campaign and Russia is that Paul Manafort, former head of the campaign, was wiretapped under secret court orders before and after the election — including while he was working with Trump. The revelation more or less stops there.


We don’t know what investigators found, or if it involved Trump personally. According to CNN, two sources caution that the evidence is thus far “inconclusive.” But Trump still has cause for concern.

This President is walking a political tightrope. He needs to keep both moderate Republications and his base on his side. Otherwise, Democrats could assume the majority in 2018 and unleash the full fury of the left on the White House.


There are two narratives in the Trump presidency that are distinct but inseparable.

First, the fallout from the election campaign. The Democrats are looking for some way to invalidate the result, and it’s undeniable that links existed between individuals on Trump’s team and Russia. Donald Trump Jr. had a meeting with several Russian lawyers, at least one who is alleged to have connections to the Kremlin, and on the premise that political dirt on Hillary Clinton would be provided. Former national security adviser Mike Flynn had to resign from the administration because he failed to disclose contacts with a Russian ambassador.


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