Chuck Schumer: If the Dead Could Talk They’d Tell Trump to Buck the NRA

October 6, 2017


In a speech from the Senate Floor on Thursday, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) suggested that if the dead could talk they would urge President Trump to break with the NRA.


Schumer referenced inaction on gun control in his exhortation, saying, “[Those people] who were killed and are now in heaven, they would say, ‘do something.’ They wouldn’t say, ‘Let’ wait.'”


He added, “President Trump, are you going to wait to hear what the NRA says first?”


Schumer’s comments on Trump and the NRA come in the same week that Hillary Clinton blamed the Vegas attack on the NRA, tweeting:


Clinton’s and Schumer’s shared goal are one and the same: to continue trying to distract and divide people, even to the point of attempting to make the President of the United States feel shame for having the NRA as an ally and NRA leadership as confidants.


Trump, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, and Trump counselor Kelly Conwayhave all made clear there will be no gun law policy discussion at this time, yet they have left the door open to future discussions. The left’s ongoing focus on the NRA is part of a concerted effort to ensure those discussions come sooner rather than later.


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