January 23, 2018


Nancy Pelosi cast an analogy on Monday that effectively likened illegal immigrant so-called “Dreamers” with children killed during the Holocaust.


Speaking to reporters after the Democrats caved and ended their federal government shutdown, the House Minority Leader said America is not a “Sophie’s Choice nation” — a reference to a novel about a mother who had to decide which of her children the Nazis would kill in a concentration camp.


Claiming Republicans didn’t have a majority to support their own bills, Pelosi said, “So when you talk about this, it’s as if they decided ‘we know how we’re going to shut down government. We’re going to make them look like they’re voting against children,’ and at the same time, they had on their split screen, this number of people, kids on CHIP, this number of kids on DACA.

“The Democrats have chosen a lower number,” she argued the supposed Republican talking point.


“This is not a Sophie’s Choice,” she said, referring to the 1979 novel by William Styron.


“We are not a Sophie’s Choice nation,” she said.


“We can keep our kids healthy and safe, and we don’t have to choose among them. And that is what they did in a very disingenuous way,” she charged.


In the book, Sophie was forced to choose on her entry into Auschwitz which of her two children would be killed by SS guards.

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