February 13, 2018


In an address before the National Sheriffs Association on Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke factually about “the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement” and the Left lost its collective mind.


“The office of sheriff is a critical part of the Anglo American heritage of law enforcement,” Sessions said in his speech. “We must never erode this historic office.”






CNN, Politico, et. al. have been pushing this quote online and in articles to make it out like the attorney general said something horribly racist. And it’s working, according to Twitchy, which always manages to find the worst reactions on Twitter.


Race hustler Tariq Nasheed typed, “Jeff Sessions did a speech and said ‘the office of Sheriff is a critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement.’ He wanted to go on record with the ANGLO-AMERICAN description. He went full white supremacy, and every Black and non-white sheriff should be insulted.”


There was a complaint that this “racist” statement was coming from “the top law enforcement official in the country.” Someone posted a picture of Colin Kaepernick on his knees and wrote, “If anyone is still confused, this is the reason why we kneel.”


Proud member of the resistance and Sirius/XM progressive radio host Dean Obeidallah takes the cake with his over-the-top analysis:


But not to be outdone, a TIME journalist and a Pulitzer Prize winner weighed in similarly:


Actress, that is, activist, Alyssa Milano used her platform on Twitter to call for Session’s termination, because of course she did:


It’s too bad these overreactors don’t have access to something like Google or Bing to read up on Anglo-American before they speak. The Washington Free Beacon’s Alex Griswold set them straight:



And somehow, we’re supposed to trust journalists and take them at their word?

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