Rahm Emanuel Pulls Out of Mayoral Race Amid Rising Chicago Body Count

September 4, 2018

Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) ended his aspirations for a third term as the number of shot and wounded in Chicago continues to rise.


For example, Breitbart News reported that at least 25 were shot and wounded and another six shot and killed over Labor Day Weekend in Chicago. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that 10 were wounded and two were killed on Sunday alone.


Breitbart News reported at least 28 were shot last weekend and more than 50 were shot in Emanuel’s Chicago over the weekend of August 18-21, with six dying. At least 33 people were shot in Chicago during the weekend of August 10 through the morning of August 13 and over  70 were shot August 3 through the morning of August 6, with 11 dying from their wounds.


Fox News reports that over 1,000 people were shot since Memorial Day in Emanuel’s Chicago. And on August 27, 2018, the Chicago Tribune reported 2,006 shooting victims year-to-date.


Such carnage is now the backdrop for Emanuel’s decision to pull out of the mayoral race.


The Chicago Tribune reports that Emanuel was also under pressure over tax hikes and “regular criticisms that he hadn’t done enough to provide more job and economic opportunities on the South and West Sides,” areas suffering the brunt of the city’s gun crime.


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