WATCH: Stupid Protesters Getting Owned By The Police

Stupid protesters stopped at Sturgis
Credit: Video Screen Grab / Twitter

We don’t condone violence, but stupid protesters often deserve to win stupid prizes. Therefore we love watching useful idiots being served justice.

The first video walks us through the three phases of being a stupid protester.

  • Phase One: Thinking they can get into the grill of a police officer without any comeuppance. Did they not learn cause and effect at school?
  • Phase Two: The realization that they’ve made a big mistake while calling out for their boo-boos to be fixed.
  • Phase Three: The glorious take-down. When stupidity and anarchy are punished. Beautiful.

Plus, listen out for the ‘Cops’ theme music. After being savagely canceled after 32 seasons, this video is a compelling homage.

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Stupid Protesters At Sturgis

Arguably the stupidest of all protesters decided to head down to South Dakota and confront bikers at the annual motorcycle event in Sturgis.

Not only was this a stupid protester, but it was also an Antifa protester. So double the satisfaction.

There is a sense of irony in the following video. The police who the left want to defund literally saved these stupid protesters.

And, another key take-away from the video. No masks.

One person on Twitter commented: “I almost gotta hand it to them… homeboys got a set on him lol….. “hmmmm, where should I go and try and spout my anti-American rhetoric and scream at people and call them Nazi’s? Oh, I know, a biker rally.” Lol…”

It doesn’t sound brave to us. It sounds insane. Clearly just another batch of stupid protesters.

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