New York City’s Recent Gun Violence Blamed On President Trump

Gov. Andrew Cuomo blames President Trump for recent gun violence
Credit: Pat Arnow / Flickr

New York City: Forty-nine people were shot between August 13th and 15th. It’s a shocking statistic, followed by the less-shocking news that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is blaming this recent gun violence on President Trump.

What Happened: In 72-hours NYC saw forty-nine shootings. With eight murders, six by gun violence. This happened between thirty-eight incidents across the city.

In 2019, during the same three days, New York City saw eight victims of gun violence and three murders.

On Sunday, another person was shot and killed. Taking the total to nine murders in just one weekend.

The Washington Examiner said: “This past weekend of urban America’s summer of love included more than a 600% increase of shooting victims in New York City in comparison to this weekend last year.”

A 600-percent increase… And who is accountable?

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Deflecting Recent Gun Violence

Like with the COVID-19 care facility fiasco, Gov. Andrew Cuomo attempted to dodge the blame. Deflecting recent gun violence on to the one person the left hates most, President Trump.

Gov. Cuomo said: “Now, the genesis of the crime you can have a great debate about, but the Trump economy, Trump not providing COVID relief, the George Floyd murder, Trump’s response to the George Floyd murder, race relations stress, Trump, there are good people on both sides. So, I think Trump has some liability for the increase in the crime.”

Gov. Cuomo has rejected the President’s offer of help multiple times, even saying that the state could manage the situation at one point.

Clearly it can’t.

Gov. Cuomo and those running New York City are 100-percent to blame for the recent gun violence.

Especially considering President Trump wanted the riots to stop, wanted businesses to reopen, and wanted law and order supported.

Expect another soft interview with the Cuomo brothers on CNN to smooth all of this out soon.

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