Trump Tower Getting Its Own Black Lives Matter Mural

Credit: Bin im Garten / Wiki Commons

New York City has started to paint a massive Black Lives Matter mural on Fifth Avenue, right outside Trump Tower. The lettering will stretch between 56th and 57th street, potentially closing the road for a couple of days.

If it’s not peaceful protesters blocking roads, it’s work programs supporting those peaceful protesters.

According to reports, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will be attending the creation of the mural at some point, undoubtedly chasing a photo op that will become a tweet targeting President Trump.

It’s a surprise the Mayor has time for murals considering the anarchy in New York.

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Tweets Over Trump Tower Mural

The President has already had words with de Blasio over the Black Lives Matter mural outside of Trump Tower. He tweeted the following:

We disagree with the President here, if these murals are going up, they can go anywhere, including Fifth Avenue. It shouldn’t be exempt from the movement because of wealth.

However, we wouldn’t want a Black Lives Matter mural on our road. Especially as the movement has evolved from wanting justice for George Floyd, to being about police brutality against black people, to now being about dismantling America through violent protests.

The last thing we cannot support.

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Democrat’s Default Attack

Mayor Bill de Blasio responded to the President’s tweet:

Once again we have a Democrat calling President Trump racist because he opposes a movement that’s proven to be violent and anti-America.

Anyone who thinks President Trump is a racist only needs to read Democrat and Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones’ statement.

Perhaps that’s something Mayor de Blasio can do once he’s finished painting murals and fixing New York’s crime explosion and shredded education plan.

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